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Southtowns Pediatrics is dedicated to supporting your parenting journey with comprehensive resources. Our Parent Resources section is designed to answer your questions and provide valuable insights into your child's health and development.

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Our FAQ page is a great starting point for quick answers to common questions. It might have the information you need, saving you time.

Resources Tailored to Your Needs

Teen Development and Health

Understanding the unique challenges and milestones of teenage years is crucial for parents. Our resources cover a wide range of topics, including disease prevention, safety, healthy development, and managing risk behaviors.

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Behavioral Insights

For parents navigating the complexities of behavioral issues, our resources offer guidance on prevention, understanding, and resolution strategies to support your child's emotional and behavioral well-being.

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Essential Dosage Charts

Accurate dosing is critical for your child's safety and the effectiveness of medications. Our dosage charts provide clear guidelines for commonly used medications.

*IMPORTANT: Infants under two months should not be given Tylenol. Please consult with a doctor immediately if your infant has a fever.

General Pediatric Knowledge

Stay informed with trustworthy information about pediatric health. These resources are invaluable for understanding various health topics related to your child's well-being.

Immunization Insights

Vaccinations are a cornerstone of child health. Explore these resources for comprehensive information on immunizations from reputable sources.

Car Seat Safety

Ensuring your child's safety during travel starts with the right car seat. Learn about the latest recommendations and safety tips from experts.